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Core developers

We actively look for more developers.

If you want to join, please tell us.

Contributors (in no particular order)

  • Michael Widenius ( Solaris and Linux Makefiles for initial versions. Greatest MySQL database which gave an initial idea to build SQL based search engine.
  • Alexey Zelenin ( Active idea generator and tester
  • Gunther Stammwitz ( Most active beta tester
  • Mustapha MOUGHIT ( Initial porting search.phtml to PHP3.
  • Paolo Romano ( IBM C for AIX Makefile
  • Jingyi Zhou ( Active beta tester
  • Joao Silva ( Portuguese stoplist
  • Rudolf Eichhorn ( Active beta tester
  • Ilya Nakvasin ( Original version of ForceIISCharset command in indexer.conf.
  • Christophe Lauer ( French stoplist
  • Vadim Tkachenko ( Ukranian stoplist
  • Francisco Jose Montilla ( Spanish stoplist
  • Mart Laak ( php3 frontends speed improvements
  • Manfred Bathelt ( Fixes of the bug in external parsers support
  • Rohan Baxter ( perl frontend
  • Builder ( Czech stoplist
  • ZioBudda ( search.php3 PHP frontend for PostgreSQL porting from MySQL version
  • Michael Ansley ( Binary stopwords scan
  • Charlie Hornberger ( Active idea generator
  • carmelo ( "Language guesser" implementation
  • The Hermit Hacker ( PostgreSQL optimization issues
  • Heiko Stoermer ( Extended NEWS archiving mode
  • Marcin Marszałek ( URL filter in search.cgi for built-in text mode.
  • Kirill Maxomov ( Oracle7 native support
  • Maciek Uhlig ( Polish stoplist
Many other people have contributed ideas/bug reports/fixes etc. Thank you! If we lost your contribution in this list, please fill free to contact us!

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